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Its Funny...
Its funny how time slips like sand,
and lifes situations get out of hand.
The sands heat up and turn to glass,
and now the problems just wont pass.
And alone in the glass you'll find me,
And I'll pray you'll be the diamond to cut me free.
But I'll hold my breath because theres not much here,
I'll say my words as a whisper in your ear.
I cant say much before the air runs thin,
And Death picks up the Violin.
He plays Sad Romance as I decay,
We could've stopped this yesterday.
But we stayed petty and turned our backs,
And now the seal is stamped with wax.
I've signed my name and sealed my fate,
And anxiously awaited this very day.
I promised you the world and now it's yours,
Hopefully this will settle the score.
My eyes are faded and my dreams are dead,
And millions of words were left unsaid.
Isn't it funny how time slipped like sand,
And our undying love got dealt deaths hand...
:iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 0 5
I'm runnin out of time and words to say to make sure today will be the day,
When I can finally come out and say that I dont want anything more than Daisy.
And I know that it sounds absurd and strange and I know that I probably seem deranged,
But let me tell you I'm not insane and trust me I'm not crazy.
Its kinda like a code and a metaphor for something that I know I want more,
than the city air I long to breathe although it gets real Hazy.
And things aren't easy and flowing quick and sometimes It feels like Im a stick,
In the mud or in the sand but Its not my fault I get kinda shady.
Things weigh down in and on my mind and I think about it all the time,
And It sounds real weak but my heart always feels real shaky.
But let me tell you once and for all even though I try to be tough and strong,
Nothing in the world would be better than holding my Daisy.
:iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 1 0
Final Dreams
When We Hit that Final Night,
The Night When Our Head Hits the Pillow for the Final Time,
Who Knows What Happens After That?
Just Think,
The Next Morning,
Everyone Who We Lived For Wakes Up
-Possibly Without Their One True Love-
And What of Us?
Nothing Breaks My Heart more than knowing One Day,
I'll leave Everything I care about Behind me.
The Thought of Being Able to Have One Moment in Time Repeat and Replay,
It's all I want.
I want to be Able to Live in the Perfect Moment Without Thinking
-Hey, Im Growing up-
"This Night could Last Forever"
And I wish That was True.
The Thought of Growing Older and Loosing this all Haunts me Every Day.
Everything that Happened 5 minutes ago is a Memory,
Never to be Repeated.
Never to Be Relived...
Seconds to Minutes long,
Feel like Days.
Just Maybe,
On that Final Night,
When We Lay Our Heads Down for the Last Time,
Maybe Some Synapses Fire Up,
Maybe Some Triggers are Pulled,
And Maybe We Dream Our Fondest Memories.
:iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 0 2
The Apple of Eden by Shadow-of-the-Dark The Apple of Eden :iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 0 4 Scarecrow Mask by Shadow-of-the-Dark Scarecrow Mask :iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 0 0 Scarecrow Costume by Shadow-of-the-Dark Scarecrow Costume :iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 0 0 The Scarecrow by Shadow-of-the-Dark The Scarecrow :iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 4 0
Eternal Lovers
Your Beautiful Eyes,
Like Windows into My own Soul,
For when I Look at you,
I See all my hopes and dreams.
I See everything I aspire to be,
And I see the Person who can make me Reach those Goals.
And I Feel,
And I Feel so large yet,
So Small.
You Immerse me in Love that Ive never felt.
And I wonder,
But Ive learned to Live with it,
And Embrace it,
Because it makes me Get out of Bed each Morning.
I stay up Late to Hear your Voice as Much as Possible,
Before the Darkness Pervades my Dreams,
And my Fear of Loosing you is Played out Once more,
Like the Night Before,
And the Night Before,
And the Night Before,
And the Night Before,
And the Night Before....
But I ignore my Dreams,
For I know you Wont allow yourself to Leave like that.
You know exactly how to make me Smile,
-Not an Easy Task,
And know how to make me Feel Weak,
When all I want to be for you is Strong.
You can Disarm me with a single Glance,
Or Empower me with Just a touch.
Your voice is like a harmonic Melody,
:iconshadow-of-the-dark:Shadow-of-the-Dark 1 0
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United States
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Personal Quote: "Whats your Problem!?"
I havent been on DA in forever man!Alots Happened with all you since Ive been gone. Well Lately Ive just been working on Dont RUn With Scissorhands.

And me and my friends are working on a band,So ive been reaaaaly busy. Haha. Well Its nice to be back and we'll see if I get any Edits worth while up here.

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